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 Adventure of Chaos

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MessageSujet: Adventure of Chaos   Lun 23 Juil - 13:37

Sonic past with allies data

* Dr. Eggman: The main villain of the Sonic series, a scientist equipped with legions of robotic minions. Eggman is the main villain in Sonic's story. His primary goal is to conquer the world. He seeks knowledge of the "Flames of Disaster" from Princess Elise, hoping to use them to rule the world and control time in the past, present, and, future.

Solaris: The Sun God of Soleanna, Solaris is the main villain of the game. Solaris initially existed as a tiny flame known as the Flames of Disaster. The Duke of Soleanna conducted experiments in Solaris, in hopes of controlling his time powers to allow people to travel through time and correct its past sins. However, during the experiments, Solaris became unstable and separated in two entities, Iblis and Mephiles the Dark. He creates his own world to devour time itself.

Iblis: The main villain in Silver's story, Iblis is a gigantic creature made of lava that represents the raw power and strength of Solaris. Iblis has the power to continually resurrect itself after being defeated. Originally sealed inside Elise, Iblis was freed a few years later and caused a catastrophe that devastated the world. Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat continually fought Solaris, until Mephiles the Dark told Silver that Sonic is the Iblis Trigger, the legendary being who freed Iblis.

Mephiles the Dark: The main villain of Shadow's story, Mephiles is the other half of Solaris. Mephiles is a being of pure darkness who conscious mind and will of Solaris. In order to join together with Iblis and return to his true form, Solaris, his goal is to break Elise's seal. In Silver's story, he is the one who informs Silver that Sonic is the "Iblis Trigger", and that he has to destroy him in order to rectify his future and save his home world.

Duke of Soleanna: Elise's father, the ruler of Soleanna. When the Solaris Project failed, the world-destroying power of Iblis and Mephiles was released. Despite being gravely wounded, he was able to bind Iblis by using his daughter, Elise, as a "vessel" body. By so doing, he was able to save the world from imminent destruction. Before he died, he begged Elise never to cry, as the key to unlocking Iblis is in Elise's tears and despair. Ultimately, thanks to Elise's actions, the Solaris Project never occurred, which could suggest that Duke of Soleanna may never have died, or may have died from another cause.

I am one of the administrator members and if someone has a question, don't be shy to ask to me.

Je suis un des membres admininstratif et si quelqu'un a des questions, ne soyez pas timide pour me les poser.
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Adventure of Chaos
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